Our story begins in 1993 with the establishment of our company whose main activity is renting out its own property and subletting.

The decades-long successful operation is a result of the daily effort to improve the conditions in our self storage and warehouses by carefully listening to the needs of our tenants, meeting the market demand and the constant investments we make in all parts of our operations.

Our values are:

  • Serviceability
    It is our job to help people and companies and to ease the pressure on them. We are constantly striving to make life easier for our tenants
  • Empathy
    We always listen carefully and put ourselves in the place of the people we serve, understanding exactly how we can ease their burden
  • Flexibility
    We are always flexible and adapt our service to meet the needs and demands of our tenants
  • Innovation
    We strive to move our business forward through innovation and never accept status quo
  • Integrity
    We approach every situation fully commited to solving it. This applies to all our tenants, associates, suppliers and service personnel


The main features of the building are:

  • Individual warehouse spaces
    All warehouse spaces larger than 50 m² are separate spaces surrounded by walls and only the tenant has the key, which guarantees maximum privacy and security. Some of the warehouses have natural light. Each warehouse has its own electricity meter so that the consumed electricity can be invoiced every month. There is no water supply or drainage in any warehouse space except for the toilets that are common for the whole floor (separate men’s / women’s toilets)
  • Video surveillance
    24/7 video surveillance – one of the few technical security rings that we continuously improve through investments because the safety and security of our tenants and their goods is our top priority
  • Telecommunication connections
    • Telekom fixed telephony and ADSL internet
    • Telekabel fixed telephony, cable television and cable internet
    • Telekabel fiber optic internet (speeds of up to 1Gbps)
  • Loading dock
    The entire building is built at the height of  1.1m – it features a loading dock along its entire length that allows for easy loading / unloading of goods only with a manual pallet truck. The trucks that are loading/unloading can be parked parallel or perpendicular to the building. We have accessories that allow easy access of the manual pallet trucks into the trailer
  • Accessible ramp for people with disabilities
    The building has a concrete wheelchair ramp for people with physical disabilities through which they can enter the ground floor of our warehouse building and then continue to other floors with the help of elevators
  • Free use of our manual pallet trucks and trolleys
    All of our tenants are allowed to use our manual pallet trucks and trolleys free of charge within our warehouse building for easier handling of goods, so they do not have to invest in the purchase of forklifts, manual pallet trucks or trolleys
  • Quality construction
    • The temperature inside our warehouse building never drops below 10⁰C in the winter – there is no danger of damage to the stored goods
    • The floor is made of reinforced concrete with a load capacity of 1t/m² which conforms to phytosanitary requirements for food storage, medicines storage, animal food and veterinary medicines storage
    • Freight elevators (each with a load capacity of 1.5t)
    • Fire escape stairs
    • The ceiling height is 3.45m, at the load-bearing columns the height is 3.00m
    • The warehouse building has an HTP permit which is required for importation of goods in the country
    • The warehouse building has its own electrical substation, city water supply, city sewerage and a waste container that is emptied multiple times a week
  • Parking space
    The courtyard of the building is large enough to serve a large number of cars and vans during working hours
  • Courier service near the building
    A courier service “Brza Pratka” is located near our building, whose services are used by many of our tenants for fast and safe shipment of goods across the country, which is especially useful to tenants that run an e-shop
  • Great location 
    • East Gate Mall is only 3km away
    • Skopje’s city center – “Rekord” is only 5km away
    • Several direct bus lines pass along the bus stop adjacent to the warehouse building
    • We are located in the Madjari neighborhood, locality “Triangla” at the entrance to Skopje (exit Chento) – trucks (HGVs) do not have to enter the Skopje downtown area.
  • Excellent microlocation
    There are several well-stocked supermarkets, sandwich shops and a 24-hour gas station nearby


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