• 24/7 video surveilance

  • Solid construction

  • Constant temperature

  • Fiber optic installation

  • HTP permit needed for importation of goods

  • At the entrance of Skopje

  • Loading ramp

  • Free use of pallet trucks and trolleys

  • Ample parking space

  • A courier company located near the building

The warehouses are of different square footage (50 m² – 1000 m²) and are located below ground level, at ground level, on the 3rd and 4th floor in our warehouse building. They can all be accessed via 1.5 t freight elevators.

Every warehouse is a separate space and only the tenant has a key to the warehouse (tenants are required to bring their own padlocks). Some of the warehouses have natural light. Every warehouse has an electricity power meter and the electricity is billed every month. There is no water supply to any of the warehouses apart from the toilets.

The monthly invoice is to be payed at the beginning of the month for the current month together with the expenses from the previous month.




Our warehouses have different square footages, depending on how much space you need. Store your belongings in a safe and easily accessible place.


Our warehouse building is built to the highest standards using quality materials. The building has stable temperature throughout the year, humidity is low, the buidling is clean, well lit, secure with separate mens and womens toilets (for each floor). The building has telephone and ADSL installation (Telekom), cable installation (Telekabel) and fiber optic installation for speeds up to 1Gbps (Telekabel).

The warehouse building is 500 m away from the main highway entering Skopje (exit Chento), has a direct entrance from the main street (Blagoja Stefkovski) suitable for both vans, lorries and HGVs. There is a circular traffic flow, a big yard and ample parking space for vans and trucks. Vehicles can be parked parallel or perpendicular to the building for loading/unloading of goods. 

The building floor is reinforced concrete with carrying capacity of 1 t/m² , which fulfills prerequisites for storing food and pharmaceuticals. This type of warehouses have an HTP permit which is necessary for importation of goods in the country. 

The warehouse building has a number of 1.5 t cargo elevators, and a loading ramp (H=1,1 m). The warehouse building is under 24 h video survelillance.

The ceiling height is 3,45m, and 3,00m at the load-bearing beams.

Our customers can use our hand pallet trucks and trolleys free of charge.

On the 4th floor of our warehouse building we offer self storage units with the following sizes – 9 m²/12 m²/16 m²/18 m².




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